iPhone / iPad (iOS), e-book, which is mounted on the Android, music, education and learning, photos and videos, and, until the business application development to accelerate the business in the field, Mobile App development experience rich We user perspective and develop standing in. Also, rather than just production, to support customers from the planning phase of the application, we will propose the best UI (user interface) design in the smartphone from the point of view of UX (user experience) design.



From the planning stage of the application, exclusive planner help. Planning not only to develop a promotion plan to encourage the download.


Appoint a designer along the app concept, to achieve the usability of high interface that is suitable to the terminal.

Application Desing・Develop

We will continue to develop and implement on the basis of the design documents. Development situation is α version (function implementation), You will always check at the time of β version (design bond) release


We will conduct the testing and debugging of applications. Customers are already accepting the debugging of release apps.

Application Management

It proposed the application improvement based on user reviews that are submitted to market, and run the version-up of the application.


We are supported by the one-stop from plan to management.

Start from the app planning, requirements definition, design → design and development → Test debug → Market application → offers a one-stop until the operation and maintenance

You can discount the cost by select function you need.

When requesting the development of the app, it is the cost from becoming a bottleneck. Since ModuleApps is going to assemble the application using only the necessary amount of the module that has been previously completed, will be much cheaper than the cost of the app production company to develop an app in made-to-order..

You can mange your application by web without server.

Announcements, menu function, campaign, when updating, such as events, you need a server to store and manage the data. Because you are provided an optimized server from the operational experience of the up to now, there is no need to develop a new server in the made-to-order. Update of data can also be updated at any time from the management screen on the cloud.

We support both iPhone and Android application.

Most user needs iPhone app, you can develop an Android app in the standard.

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